Website for  Beginner/Improver Mandolin Players

COVID-19 Update

This has been a challenging time for us all. If you are like me you will have found solace in playing and listening to music on the various on-line platforms. Here are some of the open on-line tutorials and sessions I know about:-

Nigel Gatherer’s Mandomania – weekly online Mandolin Workshop on Thursday at 4pm

GFW Monday Slow Session – weekly online slow session on Monday at 6.45pm led by Nigel Gatherer

SMG Wednesday Slow Session – weekly online slow session on Wednesday at 7.35pm led by Nigel Gatherer

GFW Wednesday Warm Up – weekly online very slow session on Wednesday at 6.45pm led by Finlay Allison

Very Slow Session/Slow Jam – weekly online slow session and slow jam on Thursday at 7pm led by Finlay Allison

“Stoddy’s Session” at The Waterside Largsmonthly (last Sunday of the month) online slow session led by Allan MacDougall

Scratchy Noises – various online sessions. See website for more information

If you have any more sessions/tutorials you would like me to add please contact me.

The mandolin is a stringed instrument used in folk music in Scotland. It also can be heard in classical and rock music (REM’s Losing my Religion and Rod Stewart’s Maggie May to name a few). It recent years it has enjoyed a resurgence in Scotland thanks to events such as Celtic Connections.

I have played the mandolin for about 10 years. I put this website together as a resource for beginner/improver mandolin players. It has a particular emphasis on what is going on in Scotland in terms of Mandolin Playing/Lessons etc in folk music. However I hope it is useful to all players.

Please contact me (Lesley) if you have any comments/suggestions.