Website for  Beginner/Improver Mandolin Players

On Line Sessions/Tutorials

This has been a challenging time for us all. If you are like me you will have found solace in playing and listening to music on the various on-line platforms. Click the button below for some of the open on-line tutorials and sessions I know about.

The mandolin is a stringed instrument used in folk music in Scotland. It also can be heard in classical and rock music (REM’s Losing my Religion and Rod Stewart’s Maggie May to name a few). It recent years it has enjoyed a resurgence in Scotland thanks to events such as Celtic Connections.

I have played the mandolin for about 10 years. I put this website together as a resource for beginner/improver mandolin players. It has a particular emphasis on what is going on in Scotland in terms of Mandolin Playing/Lessons etc in folk music. However I hope it is useful to all players.

Please contact me (Lesley) if you have any comments/suggestions.