Online Sessions and Tutorials

GFW Monday Slow Session – weekly online slow session on Monday at 6.45pm led by Nigel Gatherer
SMG Wednesday Slow Session – weekly online slow session on Wednesday at 7.35pm led by Nigel Gatherer
GFW Wednesday Warm Up – weekly online very slow session on Wednesday at 6.45pm led by Finlay Allison
Very Slow Session/Slow Jam – weekly online slow session and slow jam on Thursday at 7pm led by Finlay Allison
“Stoddy’s Session” at The Waterside Largs – monthly (last Sunday of the month) online slow session led by Allan MacDougall
Scratchy Noises – various online sessions. See website for more information
Islay Inn Monday Evening Session – Monday from 8pm-10pm 

If you have any more sessions/tutorials you would like me to add please contact me.