Some useful links for mandolin players (especially in Scotland) …..


Mandolin Cafe – An international site for Mandolin players. Contains news, classified, a message board and information on workshops. 
Chord – Shows you the fingering for most chords on the mandolin 
Chord Genome Project – 23 Essential beginner mandolin chords. Also contains songs searchable by chords used. 
Scratchy Noises – Scratchy Noises is a ceilidh band with a difference. Their purpose is to let us improver players of mandolin and other traditional instruments practice playing together and have fun. 
Wikipedia – Lots of mandolin related info
Mandolin Players – Nigel Gatherer’s list of notable Scottish mandolin players.

Group Lessons

GFW – GFW run adult mandolin classes at John Wheatley College, 2 Haghill Road, Glasgow on a Monday evening 
Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association – LGMA run weekly classes for both children and adults. 
NGMS Mandolin (Beg & Int) – Nigel Gatherer  Music School runs classes of various levels on Tuesdays at Morningside United Church, Edinburgh


Nigel Gatherer’s Mandolin Pages – Nigel Gatherer is a professional musician: teacher, performer, composer, publisher and researcher. His pages contain information on mandolin classes taught throughout Scotland and the music for many traditional tunes.
The Sessions – Contains tablature for thousands of traditional tunes 
Folk Tune Finder – An excellent resource to find the music for over 40,000 traditional music tunes. Also searches for MIDI files. 
Riddles Fiddles – Contains the musical scores and audio files for lots of Scottish/Irish tunes 


Moon Guitars – A maker of excellent mandolins based in Glasgow, Scotland 
CC Music – A music shop in the West End of Glasgow that sells various mandolins from beginner mandolins to more expensive models. 
Acoustic Music Company – Based in Brighton, they have one of the biggest ranges of mandolins in the world. 
Fylde Mandolins – A maker of very fine mandolins based in Cumbria, England 
Eastman Mandolins – These mandolins are handmade by individual luthiers in China. They are excellent value for money. 
Weber – Very Fine quality mandolins made in Oregon, USA
Lewis Mandolins – Quality Mandolins made in California, USA 
Sobell – Quality handmade mandolins made in England 
Davey Mandolins – Quality handmade mandolins made in Cornwall, England 
Rigel – Quality handmade mandolins made in Vermont, USA 
Buchanan – Maker of fine handmade mandolins in based in West Yorkshire, England 
Oakwood – Makers of quality hand-crafted mandolins based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. 
Ozark – Makers of a range of mandolins for beginner to more experienced players 
Hobgoblin – Music shop specialising in folk instruments. Has several branches in the UK. 
Strung Out Guitars – Sells vintage guitars and occasionally mandolins.

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